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To find previous issues of the "Real Macaw" Newsletter documenting many years of Resident activity here at Royal Coachman Resort please go to the new "Activities" page where they are now archived. For more information about recording our activities in the near future please contact Chuck Genrich, cgenrich9@mowisp.net.
The RCR Sales and Rental link has been removed from the Royal Coachman Association web site. We have determined that for several reasons this is the proper course. The park now has a Facebook Bulletin Board site that has become the go-to site for  residents selling items. This include sales and rental offers of RCR units. For information or support on that Facebook site contact the park manager, Beverly Malouin. Using Facebook allows unit owners more control of the content of their offer in a more time efficient manner. Also, this will take some of the work load off of the web master and free some space on our web site for other planned uses. If you have questions please contact: Chuck Genrich cgenrich9@mowisp.net
January 21, 2017 Information Concerning Website Input for Rental & Sales of Park Units. . .
Be Advised: Newly Revised Resident Advisory Board Bylaws. . .
The Advisory Board Bylaws Revision #4 was approved by the RCR residents at the Annual General Meeting on Feb 14, 2017. A link to those Bylaws is below.