Planning Committee:  In the fall of 2010 a committee was formed to take over the responsibility and provide for a more organized service. The first service was held on December 19, 2010, with Nancy Brown as the first speaker. The stained glass cross, made and donated by Roger Goodman, was dedicated on February 13, 2011.  By 2013  average attendance was 140. And quite often exceeds this figure to this day.
Music:  Each service contains the singing of several hymns, as well as special music.  The special music may be a soloist or a small group, the RCR Choral Group, or the playing of an instrument or multiple instruments.  A pianist accompanies the special music (if needed) as well as providing all the other appropriate music for the service.
Offering:  The offering that is collected is used to support non-profit activities such as Agape Flights, the Salvation Army, CEPF (a ministry that reaches millions of Ukrainian radio listeners), and other charitable institutions that provide support for the needy and/or Christian outreach.  A minimal portion is used to sustain church operations. Click for Information on giving.
Communion:  Communion is served once a month, by an ordained pastor.
Welcome to RCR Church of the Pines Mission:  We are a  non-denominational church, run by volunteers.  Our aim is to be a full service church which is dedicated to the Lord and to serving the people in the park by providing a  welcoming place to worship.
Volunteers:  The church is  run entirely by volunteers. A committee meets every week to plan the service and to make sure all aspects are integrated.  Volunteers arrive early every Sunday to set up for the service.  Others provide the prayers, reading of the scripture, special music, and the message.  A fellowship time precedes the service and includes coffee and cookies donated by volunteers.
Background: Church services in the park have been held for more than 40 years.  Prior to the formation of Church in the Pines in 2010 the services were started and operated by Dick Lord and Elmer Cousins as an outreach ministry with people from outside the park coming in to provide the message.
Message:  Each week the message is provided by a  volunteer (normally from within the park.)  On occasion, the committee seeks an outside speaker to compliment the services of our in-park volunteers.  Often times the outside speakers come from the non profit ministries which Church in the Pines supports.
First Service December 19, 2010 Attendance:  25 Average attendance in 2013:  140 Highest attendance: 239